School Uniform

At CKJS we believe that wearing a school uniform helps to create a feeling of community within the school. Please ensure that ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT ARE NAMED.

Children may wear branded or unbranded uniform (obtainable from most high street clothing retailers and supermarkets). 

Branded uniform, with the school logo, can be purchased from:


The following basic items of uniform are desirable:

  • Light blue or white shirt
  • Dark grey trousers (short or long) or grey skirt/pinafore dress
  • Claret v-necked pullover/schoolsweatshirt/cardigan (branded or unbranded)
  • Light blue/red check/stripe dresses
  • Black, claret, grey or white socks/tights
  • Sensible black shoes - no trainers or open-toed sandals

Sports Kit  

Indoor kit 

  • Blue, black or white shorts (not Bermuda or cycling shorts)
  • House colour T shirt
  • Socks (plain) - no tights
  • Trainers (note that sometimes we also ask the children to do PE in bare feet)

Please ensure that the children’s clothes are placed in a named drawstring bag.  We would prefer the children to keep their PE kit in school, taking it home at a weekend or when it needs washing.

The children will be told at the beginning of the year when their PE lessons are and will be expected to have their kit for these times. PE is part of the National Curriculum and all children must participate unless there is a medical reason why they should not. In this case parents should either phone or write a note to the school please.

Outdoor kit

Outdoor kit is worn to school on the day your child has outdoor games. We request that plain, unbranded kit is worn rather than team supporter kit, as this can cause unnecessary competition.

  • Tracksuit
  • T shirt/sports shirt
  • Suitable trainers

In addition, this optional equipment can be brought in on games days:

  • Football boots (optional)
  • Shin pads (for football and hockey)
  • Mouthguard (optional for hockey)

All these should be named and put in a named bag or rucksack of suitable size.


  • Swimming costume (no bikinis or board shorts)
  • Large towel
  • Bathing cap (for children with long hair)
  • Goggles (optional)


Our PTA sells good quality second hand uniform to raise money for the school.