Helping with English at Home


The most important thing you can do at home is to read with your child, as often as possible and ideally every day.

Just a short time each day is better than just a couple of times a week, whatever your child's reading ability.

For children who aren't yet fluent, listen to them read a couple of pages daily.  If they get tired, a 'tag-team' approach works well, with you taking it in turns with them to read a section. 

For children who are fluent, it is still important to listen to them read and to read to them.  Discussions about what is happening and using questions, such as those about inference and deduction, help children develop the skills they need for secondary education.

A quiet reading time with a parent or carer can be a really special time.  A great way to settle your child before they go to sleep.



Spellings are sent home most weeks.  There are 5 columns so each word is practised every day.  It is useful to check your child has written the sentences on the bottom of the sheet accurately.  Ask them to read them aloud to you to help them spot any missing words or punctuation.


English Information Evening for Parents

Please click here to download the PPT from the information evening.