Pupil Well-being

We all recognise the importance of children being happy both in school and at home.  However, life sometimes throws up challenges which can affect a child's well-being and happiness.

Bereavement, family break-ups and academic pressure can all lead to children feeling anxious and worried.  Children can also become anxious about things that might seem relatively minor to us, but for them the issues are significant and can affect their behaviour and mood.  They might be angry or anxious about something they are unable to verbalise.

At CKJS we encourage pupils to develop strategies to manage their happiness and well-being.  We encourage them to:

  • identify elements of their life they are able to take control of to improve their happiness
  • talk about their feelings and worries
  • use strategies to deal with anger and negative emotions
  • seek help and support if their feelings continue to affect their well-being

This approach to good mental health is embedded in the ethos of the school and modelled by staff and pupil groups (such as the School Council and Young Leaders).

Strategies for being physically and mentally well are taught through sport, PSHCE lessons and through assemblies.  If needed, children are given 1:1 mentoring with a trusted adult at school.

We also have a dedicated website page in the children's section of the website, which offers advice and guidance.

The most important advice is that children should be encouraged to talk to someone at home or at school about how they feel, no matter how small or silly it seems.  Our experience is that once a child starts to talk, they immediately begin to feel better and any issues can be dealt with in a supportive and appropriate way.  We have also found that the best interests of the child are met if home and school work together. 

If you are worried that your child is especially anxious, angry or isn't their 'usual self', please speak to their class teacher or Mrs Selwood.

There are links on the children's page to some websites that can be accessed by them.  The following links may also be useful and often have helplines or you can email for advice:

Mental Health

NHS Let's Talk - www.talk2gether.nhs.uk

Rethink Mental Illness - www.rethink.org

Samaritans - www.samaritans.org

Mind - www.mind.org.uk

Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety UK - www.anxietyuk.org.uk

Get Connected - www.getconnected.org.uk

OCD-UK - www.ocduk.org

Self-harm and Eating Disorders

Beat (beating eating disorders) - www.b-eat.co.uk

Anorexia and Bulimia Care (ABC) - www.anorexiabulimiacare.org.uk


Winston's Wish - www.winstonswish.org.uk