Helping At Home

We believe the partnership between parents and the school is essential if children are to achieve their potential.

Reading is the key to success in education.  Our homework policy states that we expect pupils to read for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.  If your child is a developing reader, listening to them read is an important part of their progression.  Very capable readers also benefit from being listened to, although when children reach this stage they benefit from reading to themselves as much as possible.  Another very valuable activity parents can do is to talk to their children about their reading, the characters, plot and so on. Please feel free to talk to your child's teacher if you would like any more suggestions on how to help with reading.

Many parents are unsure as to the best way to help their children with Mathematics.  One essential thing that parents can do is to help their child learn the times tables by practising them daily.  They need to know them all, mixed up, to 12 x 12. Some ideas for learning times tables are on the 'Maths' page. 

For further suggestions please click one of the following: Simple Maths Games or Maths Around the Home to download the information from the Maths Evening.