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Calculation Methods

Please click on the calculation type to see the relevant poster that is the same as the one displayed in your classroom: Please log-on and complete your homework, ask your teacher if you cannot remember the details you need to access the site.


HIT THE BUTTON: A great game for learning number bonds, doubles, tables...


99 Club Tables Needed for each Club

If you want to practise your tables at home here are some question generators that work in Excel, just load up the one you want and every time you press F9 a new question will appear. If you're not sure of the answer you can scroll across to the right to see it. If you want to practise the division facts from your chosen times table scroll to the right so you can see the answer and one part of the calculation and then press F9, now work out what the first number is:

2 Times Table

3 Times Table

4 Times Table

5 Times Table

6 Times Table

7 Times Table

8 Times Table

9 Times Table

10 TImes Table

11 Times Table

12 Times Table

2-12 Times Tables 


Useful links:

Woodlands Maths Resources (some resources require payment but many are free)

BBC Maths Pages for KS2 (a bit like mymaths, you can do 20 questions a day for free and this works on devices that cannot run flash e.g. iPads)


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