Learning from home - Ideas for Music

So you've decided to take part in some musical activities at home! See below for a list of suggested websites and activities to get you started.

BBC Teach has loads of great ideas for things to watch or join in with. Here, you can watch some famous pieces of music being performed (click on 'Ten Pieces'), look at the science of sound, or get some inspiration for composing your own music using found recycled objects or 'found sounds'.
Keep listening to your favourite music if you're able to. This is a great way to unwind, relax and switch off after a busy day of learning at home.
If you feel like recording yourself singing or playing a song, you can find simple recording apps on most devices. Alternatively, download Audacity. Remember to upload your creations onto Padlet for us all to hear!
You can access all 16,000 sounds in the BBC's sound effects archive. These are the sounds that the BBC uses when they are recording shows for TV and Radio. You could use these sound effects to accompany your own story or play...
Chrome Music Lab by Google is an amazing place to find all sorts of online composition and sequencing tools. The options are endless!
Why not write and record your own song? Or perhaps you could use recycled materials from around your house to make some untuned percussion. If you're writing a song, start with an idea - it could be a spoken phrase or a tune that you like. You could repeat this rhythm over and over, or perhaps think of a tune that fits in with your rhythm. If you can, record your creation and share it with others!