Learning from home - French

(& Other Modern Foreign Languages)

Bonjour tout le monde!

Hi everyone,


Hope you’re all ok!

There are lots of good websites out there to help you keep up your French over the next few weeks.

The ones listed below are all good for your age so have a look and have fun learning!


Our topics for each year group are below, so see what you can find for your year group.


Year 3 – Greetings (hello, goodbye, how are you), numbers 1-31, ages, days of the week, food, months of the year

Year 4 - Parts of the body, descriptions, family, pets, zoo animals

Year 5 - Places in town, the High Street, directions, sports and hobbies, opinions, food and drink

Year 6 - Classroom equipment, classroom instructions, weather, school subjects, clothes (with adjectives and opinions)


Remember that French builds on everything you have learned in the past, so any revision of subjects from earlier years (especially numbers!) is really useful. You are in Key Stage 2 (KS 2) so if the website asks you to choose an area, this is the one to go for.


Bonne chance!


Madame Hart



Sound files and games linked to topics



Some lovely familiar stories to listen to and watch. You can turn on translations or just listen with the pictures. Don’t expect to understand every word, just relax and listen for anything you recognize



TONS of good cultural information, songs, quizzes and worksheets. You can even have a look at the Spanish and Italian pages if you want to expand your languages!



Video clips linked to topics



Interactive games linked to topics



Worksheets and power points arranged by topic



Interactive games. This one isn’t the easiest to get started on, but once you get used to the website, it works well for lots of our topics



This is quite a grown-up website, but is good if you want to revise vocabulary with sound. Maybe one for Year 6 before they start Year 7