Helping with Maths at Home

At CKJS, we teach children to carry out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations using formal written methods when these are appropriate.  Each of these is introduced in carefully planned steps to ensure that children understand how each method works as well as carrying out the process. As they progress through the school, children will learn to apply these methods to larger numbers and to decimals.

Once children have been taught a calculation method, it is important that they practise it regularly to maintain fluency. In school, some of our daily 'Maths Meetings' focus on written calculation. Children are also set weekly Mathematics homework based on the calculation methods that they have been taught.
To help you to support your child when completing their homework, here are four video presentations (one for each operation) that show how to carry out and explain the formal written calculation methods that we teach at CKJS. Each video also emphasises the importance of learning and recalling the key facts, such as number bonds and times tables, that underpin each method. This is a particularly vital way in which you can support your child at home.