Sports Day 2017

We had our annual sports morning on Thursday 15 June.

It was a superb event split into two halves - Y3 & Y4 racing whilst Y5 & Y6 took part in a variety of activities and vice versa.

First, second and third stickers were awarded to the winners of the racers but everyone collected points for their houses.

Two prizes were up for grabs - the Sports Trophy for the most points awarded from all of the events and the Team Spirit award - for the most supportive and sporting team.

Jupiter were the winners of the Trophy this year and Neptune won the Team Spirit award.

Congratulations must be given to everyone for taking part so enthusiastically.

Thanks to Miss Tibbles, Mrs Briggs and Mr Kirby for organising the morning and a special thanks to all the mums, dads, grandparents and friends who came along to support the children.

Please enjoy our photos.